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The Brampton Musketeers by Robina Brooks is an emotional tale of memories and friendship once forged in school; long forgotten yet soon to be rekindled.

The ‘Class of 64’ Reunion’ invitations have been sent out. Seven in particular, bear the crossed swords emblem on the envelope flaps, these being the sign of the ‘Brampton Musketeers.’

These were the seven girls, all members of Brampton High School, were lovingly nicknamed the ‘Brampton Musketeers’ by their teachers, during those formative school years. A place where strong friendships were forged and promises were made. But when school finished, their lives moved on.

Twenty years later, each of the seven opens their invitation and questions what had happened during those lost years? Also, whether or not they should attend the event.

This story is full of emotion, fear, and regret. And maybe, just maybe, there might be a happy ending  -  only time will tell.

* * * * * *

This is the first book written under the pseudonym of

Robina Brooks.

Warning: There is some minor adult content included in this story.