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Being a writer is often a difficult and frustrating job. However, these two feelings are all part of what being a writer is all about. Some other feelings are joy, excitement and achievement. There is also nothing more pleasurable or satisfying than writing ‘The End’ as you complete that last sentence of your manuscript. And, of course, the excitement of opening the package when the first copies of your new book arrives on your doorstep.

The best pleasure of all though is when you see or hear about the enjoyment your readers have gotten from reading your book. Especially when that reader is a child. In my alternate authors profile I write for children and I so enjoy seeing the look of joy on their faces as they turn the pages of the book for the first time.

Now, if you want to be a writer remember, this job comes with a roller coaster of emotions so be prepared for the ride. Also, don’t just jump in; learn all the things you should have known before you make the mistakes you are bound to make. That will help you to stop wasting time, energy, and often lots of money.

Believe me writing is not as easy as you think it is so do your research, read, and talk to people who are in the know. That way you will achieve better results and not just end up being one of the lost tens of thousand writers who publish and then disappear.

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Wow, so at last I have managed to get The Brampton Musketeers book completed, published and launched. It’s been a little difficult due to my recovery from knee surgery, so I have been up and down with the aches and pains but I finally managed it.

The story has been around for awhile, starting off as a simple short story and developing during the last few months while I was recovering from the operation. With the lovely reviews I received from my beta Readers I was finally happy to set the release date. Now to start the marketing :(

I have more ideas for books for publication under both Robina Brooks and my own name Ann Brady. For some reason I find myself reinvigorated so I suppose that’s good news.

Anyway I hope you will like the new book and if you do please send me your comments.  You can use the Contact page on this site or email:     

Thank you


Like all good stories the idea for the Brampton Musketeers stemmed from a real-life incident - that of being invited to a school reunion some 36 years ago.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like school just that it wasn’t the best time in my life. However, I did meet a mix of girls who gave me the ground work on which to base the characters for Brampton.

I never did get to the School Reunion but it got me thinking about the girls I had been in school with and caused me to write about them. As with all my writing I kept the notes adding them to my computers/laptops as time passed by.

When looking for characters I search in the mundane of places - people I have met by accident, worked with, met through business, watched while sat having a drink in a coffee shop, the list goes on.

I have always enjoyed people watching and this has resulted in opening my mind to creating some great characters. But more importantly for me it has helped me understand the process of character creation which I am able to pass along to other writers. This I do through my work by Mentoring Writers of all ages across the world.

If you are interested learning more about being mentored regardless of your age then check out this website for more details:


As a new writer you will often have lots of interesting questions. Well, don;t be afraid to ask other writers and authors as they are also still asking questions. I know as I often get phone calls of messages from some of my circle saying ‘can I just slide something past you Ann?’

What you need to remember is that writing is a long learning curve. Yes I know there are some, a very few who somehow manage to rattle off book after book. But what you have to ask is a) how do they do it and b) are those books really as good as we think. Believe it or not every writer has a bad day at the office and will churn out ‘a not so good book.’ Even the best of us.

One thing I have discovered that helps is the latest crave of podcasting. When I started podcasting I wasn’t expecting much traction or success. Thinking that only a very few followers who knew me would be listening in. But I have discovered that people are listening to what I to say.

So, if you want to learn more about the writing world then why not listen to the Mentoring Writers Resource Box Podcast Show. You can find the podcasts listed on the Mentoring Writers podcast at: